INGENDR Magazine is a free online literary publication by and for transmasculine people. INGENDR accepts submissions of academic writing, creative writing, art, and photography from trans people of all genders, or lack thereof, who identify with maleness and/or masculinity in some way. Submissions from queer cis men that deal with gender and masculinity are also accepted.

INGENDR is a community publication: writing, art, and photography is published throughout the month on the INGENDR Magazine website, and the community is encouraged to interact with it by sharing, commenting, and creating new works in response. Then, at the end of each month, submissions and responses are compiled into a more traditional magazine format and distributed as a downloadable pdf. We encourage everyone to participate in this exciting process of creation and collaboration!


Here at INGENDR, our mission is to disseminate literary and artistic works by transmasculine creators in a format that is accessible to all. We aim to foster a community space for transmasculine people to find representation and share their experiences, and to promote a broader cultural understanding of what it means to be queer and masculine.


We at INGENDR Magazine value open access, inclusivity, intersectionality, diversity, freedom of speech, responsible publication, and protection of privacy.

Open Access

We believe that everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, deserves to see themselves represented in media, art, and writing. Thus, INGENDR Magazine is and will always be completely free to read online and download. We also encourage individuals and organizations to print and distribute copies of INGENDR as they see fit.

However, we also strongly believe that marginalized creators deserve to be compensated for their labor. 100% of donations made to INGENDR Magazine each month go directly to the creators we’ve published during that month. Learn more about donating to INGENDR here.

Inclusivity, Intersectionality, and Diversity

As an unabashedly queer publication, INGENDR recognizes the vital importance of inclusivity, intersectionality, and diversity. We welcome all interested creators and readers: if you feel that you belong here, you do.

INGENDR Magazine is dedicated to the publication of works by diverse transmasculine creators at all intersections of identity: race, ethnicity, nationality, class, documentation status, HIV status, religion, and gender. INGENDR Magazine also values the perspectives of queer cis men on gender and masculinity while maintaining the status of INGENDR as a space primarily by and for transmasculine people.

Freedom of Speech

INGENDR Magazine is a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices and experiences of transmasculine creators. We here at INGENDR strongly believe that freedom of speech is a fundamental human right; however, we also affirm that said freedom does not constitute an obligation to provide a platform to any and all speech. This value is closely related to INGENDR Magazine’s commitment to responsible publication.

Responsible Publication

In short, INGENDR will never publish work that attacks, disparages, or invalidates anyone’s identity or expression of that identity.

However, INGENDR also acknowledges that the experience of many transmasculine people includes potentially triggering topics, such as transphobia, homophobia, and violence. The editing process at INGENDR includes writing trigger warnings and/or content notes, in an effort to meet the needs of our readers while still publishing authentic content on difficult yet important topics. If you believe that a piece needs additional trigger warnings or content notes, please contact us at ingendrmagazine@gmail.com.

Protection of Privacy

INGENDR Magazine is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and safety of its creators and readers. We acknowledge that while marginalized identities should be celebrated and uplifted, simply existing as a queer person in a cisheteronormative world is often dangerous, and many creators are subject to online harassment because of their work. Submissions may be published anonymously or under pseudonyms at the creator’s discretion, and INGENDR will never reveal private information about our creators or readers for any reason.

For more information about what INGENDR will and will not publish, see our submission guidelines and editorial policy.

About the Editor

Victor J. Freed is a queer, non-binary, transmasculine writer currently living in the United States. To learn more about Victor, click here.